The Workshop

The Instruments

I work alone without any workshop assistants, using largely traditional methods and tools.

During a good year I manage to make about five instruments, as I also run a retail string business and repair shop.

I use only the best quality traditional European tonewoods, namely European spruce ( picea abies ) and Balkan or European mountain maple ( acer pseudoplatanus ).

The standard violin models I make are based on classical examples from Antonio Stradivari’s “Golden Period”, and Guarneri del Gesu’s “Cannone”. My violas are based on Andrea Guarneri’s “Conte Vitale” and a personal model based on Brescian principles, both 16 1/3″ in body length. Other violin models, and viola sizes bigger or smaller than my standard models can be requested.

All instruments are varnished with an oil varnish based on terpene resin and linseed oil.