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All our instruments are supplied fully set up and professionally adjusted. All prices shown include VAT. Delivery charges excluded. Cape Peninsula: contact us for string instrument repairs and setting up.

I supply Warchal strings to the trade and public.

I have been fitting my own new instruments with Warchal strings for several years, and many of my clients have switched to Warchals.
Whether they own an older trade or bench-made instrument, or whether the instrument is contemporary, one of the five brands by Warchal most often provide that elusive “Eureka!” moment.

Gamut and Aquila strings are available for most period instruments using gut strings. Their websites provides copious information about the manufacturing process, the types of strings available, their application and more. An simple string calculator is available to help with the correct choice of string based on string length and performance pitch.
A complete price list is provided. For my South African customers the cost of the strings is the price in US$ converted to SA Rand, with 14% VAT added. There is no mark-up or international postage costs.